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Bulgur is the most beloved and one of the most ancient wheat-based food products, which was prepared by the Babylonians, Hittites and Jews 4,000 years ago before man began to bake bread. From there, there are different ways of writing, such as Bulgur (German/European part), Bulgar/Burgal/Burghoul (Turkish), Burhol/Borgol (Arabic), Pourgouri (Greek). In the Bible, bulgur will be remembered under the name Arisakh is rich in vitamins and trace elements of cereals. It can be used for children’s and diet food. Researchers note that in the process of soaking, useful substances and vitamins of the surface layers saturate the entire thickness of the grain, so the bulgur oblushchuvannya gives a very slight decrease in the content of nutrients.
Wheat processing is much more common than rice processing (see area maps on the right), so theoretically bulgur is a much more affordable cereal than rice.
The benefits of this cereal can be judged by its composition. On the one hand, there are no outstanding vitamin and mineral characteristics, but bulgur has very few fast carbohydrates (which will be appreciated by diabetics and all fans of healthy food). In addition, a lot of dietary fiber (5-8 percent) — and this is a proven healthy ingredient. In addition, bulgur has a resistant (indigestible) starch that is useful for the stomach (more than two percent). another useful property of this cereal is its staying power. The properties of grain in bulgur are strongly changed, the starch is modified and after drying turned into a dense mass. In addition, high temperatures are used in the production of bulgur, which leads to the sterilization of the grain surface. As a result, cereals become inconvenient for food and habitat of insects and microorganisms. Experts write about the possibility of storing bulgur for up to six months in a wide range of conditions.
Bulgur-TOP useful properties Some references to it are found in the biblical Testaments. Today bulgur is becoming more and more popular outside of the East, many people replace them with rice, barley and other cereals. Cooks consider its main advantage the impossibility of cooking even with prolonged heat treatment.
. When cooked, it is crumbly and has a delicate taste, so it is perfect for various types of fillings, soups and salads. Let’s better understand the useful properties of bulgur and see some delicious photos that will encourage you to go to the nearest supermarket after reading the article. So: – Bulgur supports the cardiovascular system. Cereals provide the body with sufficient amounts of vitamin B6 and folic acid. These components strengthen the walls of blood vessels and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. – Cancer prevention. First of all, this applies to tumors in the colon, esophagus, breast due to the large amount of fiber in the composition of cereals. – Bulgur helps prevent the formation of gallstones. Vegetable fibers that do not dissolve, improve intestinal peristalsis, reduce the load on the liver. It becomes possible to regulate the level of glucose in the blood and the effectiveness of insulin use.
A large amount of magnesium in the composition of cereals allows you to cover its deficit. – Helps in the fight against excess weight. Like all cereals, bulgur is quite nutritious. Once in the body, it breaks down very slowly, so for a long time you will not experience a feeling of hunger. – High caloric content makes it possible to restore strength during physical activity. People who work in heavy industrial enterprises and athletes during grueling training often include cereals in their diet. – In combination with folic acid, bulgur will help you forget about osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and many other serious diseases. – Copper in the composition of bulgur helps to prevent anemia, early gray hair, lethargy and apathy.

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